Thank You and Mahalo!

CongrHHSS.MedicineResonance.coveratulations for being on the visionary team, and thank you for your donation to Hawaii Healing Sound School and/or your Advance CD purchases.

Big Mahalos for everyone participating in the Hawaii Healing Sound School, Sound Healing Circles, Weekends at the Recording Studio, Audio Mixing, Post Production, artists and fundraisers for supporting the vision we hold to easily share a potent dose of Music Medicine with the world.Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 12.43.28 AM

Hawaii Healing Sound School Ohana at Studio Sessions: Wayne Bow, Broken Eagle Claw (Brad Arbough), K. Alan Roth, Katie Fisher, Wayne Bow, Soraya Faris-Applegate, Alex Ciancio, Laureen McCoy, Spanna Mo, Joan Wehrman, Evno Omni, Kristel Fury, Leigh Ann Philips, Adria Estribou, Rev. Dr. Keema Cooper, Dorothy (Dodi) Gronau, Rea Fox, Naike Swai, Lehua Simon, Yechezkel Feldman, E’ala & Hoku E. Stevens-Britos,  Sangeet Gellhorn, Michelle Banasch , Ashley Soderberg(Lilinoe), Marian Yee, John Thomas Casey, Shelby Carlos, Xavier and Ximena.

Photography: Katherine Fisher, Cynthia, Marian Yee

Audio E10688146_10152461209404412_3116457933753785898_o-1ngineer: Daniel Gilad

Your pre-orders place NOW are what helps makes this “Medicine Resonance” Hawaii Healing Sound School’s  Music Medicine project possible to share with others. Your items will be shipped before the CD Release Party.

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“Let the sound move you step by step, drop by drop.
Let the sound go through you like a river that runs through the mountains.
Let it soak you like the rain soaks the earth.
Do not try to feel the sound, let the sound feel you
Let the sound feel your heart, feel your chest, feel your breathing, feel your bones.
Let the sound feel your anxiety, your fears your sadness, your joy.

Receive the sound like a Pacarina , a place of birthing.
Let it reside in your belly your chest, your heart. Be a home for the sound. Nourish it and let it flower.
Sound is invisible energy, it is luminous vibration, but most of all it is an expression of love.”
–Tito La Rosa

We can’t wait to share this with the world!